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V.I.P. 1200V.I.P. 1200
Merk: Clay Paky Display line
Type: Display
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V.I.P.1200 is a projector with a 1200W lamp, specifically designed for long-distance projection of fixed and rotating effects.

Power supplies available: 230V 50Hz
240V 50Hz
208V 60Hz
200V 50Hz
200V 60Hz

Metal iodide lamp: HMI 1200 W/GS.
Die-cast aluminium optical unit consisting of a condensing unit with two lenses and a round mirror.
Inputs: DMX 512
Installation points inside the projector for fitting accessories.
Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection; forced cooling with axial fans; thermal cut-out; automatic disconnection of power supply when re-lamping cover is opened.
Epoxy painted die-cast and extruded aluminium body. Epoxy painted steel bracket, three installation positions with 25 mm pitch.
120° adjustable bracket.
Functions in any position.
In conformity with the European Union Low Voltage Directive 73/23 and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336.
Protection grade: IP44 with the outdoor covering.

Code C52030
V.I.P. 1200
Version with Power Factor Correction
Consumption: 1500 VA a 230V 50 Hz (power factor correction of 140µF)


Code C52305
1:1.9/190 mm

Code C52306
Single element lens
1:2.5/250 mm

Code C52301
Multi-element lens adapter

Code C52106
Multi-element lens
1:2.8/85 mm

Code C52107
Multi-element lens
1:2.8/120 mm

Code C52108
Multi-element lens
1:3.5/150 mm

Code C52302
Multi-element lens kit
1:2.8/85 mm
(lens + adapter)

Code C52303
Multi-element lens kit
1:2.8/120 mm
(lens + adapter)

Code C52304
Multi-element lens kit
1:3.5/150 mm
(lens + adapter)

HMI 1200 W / GS
not included
Code L10030
Lamp Capacity: 1,200 W
Average life: 1,000 h
Colour temperature: 6,000 K
Luminous flux: 110,000 lm
Connection: SFc 10-4
Recommended working position: Any

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