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1800W Daylight with PAR-Reflector-Technology
Merk: ARRI Daylight (HMI)
Type: Studio & HMI verlichting
The ARRISUN 18 is an 1800W PAR style lamphead, combining industry-standard ARRISUN features with the innovative True Blue design. The result is an exciting new class of HMI, as small as a 1200W PAR but with a 50 percent higher light output.

The use of an 1800W lamp in this size of lamphead is made possible by the patented True Blue cross-cooling system, which maintains airflow at any tilt angle. This keeps the lamp and lens temperatures within safe working limits and the lamp life to its specified 750 hours.

The ARRISUN 18 uses the same lenses, cables and accessories as the ARRISUN
12, and has similar beam spreads. For compatibility, the lamphead can even be used with a 1200W lamp and powered by either the purpose-designed EB1200/1800 or any ARRI 1200W ballast.

In common with all True Blue lampheads, the ARRISUN 18 barndoors are made from a high strength alloy that is less susceptible to bending and has a hinge design which maintains constant, easily adjusted tension.

Other True Blue innovations include the stainless steel friction disc, which locks the lamphead securely even when using the largest Chimera. Maintenance and repairs are easier with fast, simple access to all internal components; the complete igniter, for example, can be changed within 10 minutes. For outdoor use the AS18’s IP23-rated weather resistance can withstand even driven rain.

In line with the ARRISUN 18’s sister product, the M18, it is also possible to convert to lens-less operation by fitting an ARRIMAX style reflector, giving a 20-60 degree beam spread.

In offices and domestic situations, the ARRISUN 18 requires no generator. Drawing less than 10A from a 230V supply, it can run on most domestic sockets in 230V countries or from 20A 110V outlets in the USA, so is the perfect HMI to keep “in the back of the car”.

Main Features
• New 1800W lamp technology
• Runs from most domestic sockets world-wide (10A 230V/20A 115V)
• Virtually the same size as a 1200W lamphead but more than 50 percent brighter
• Uses existing ARRISUN 1200 lenses
• Uses existing 575/1200 cables
• Can also be used with 1200W lamps and ballasts
• Can operate tilted straight up or down
• True Blue tilt lock holds even heavy Chimeras
• Easy maintenance
• Weather resistant to IP23

Part No. Description
L1.37570.B AS18 1800W/1200W Daylight PAR Lamphead, manual, blue/silver, int. (VEAM)

L1.37575.B AS18 1800W/1200W Daylight PAR Lamphead, manual, black, int. (VEAM)

L1.37570.F AS18 1800W/1200W Daylight PAR Lamphead, manual, blue/silver, Schaltbau (GTV-Standard)

L1.37575.F AS18 1800W/1200W Daylight PAR Lamphead, manual, black, Schaltbau (GTV-Standard)

Electronic Ballasts
Part No. Description
L2.76625.0 EB 1200/1800, ALF, 115/230 V, int. (VEAM)
L2.76626.0 EB 1200/1800, ALF, 115/230 V, int. (VEAM), DMX
L2.76626.A EB 1200/1800, ALF, 115/230 V, int. (VEAM), DMX, USA - Version
L2.76627.0 EB 1200/1800, ALF, 115/230 V, Schaltbau
L2.76628.0 EB 1200/1800, ALF, 115/230 V, Schaltbau, DMX

L2.40950.0 Four Leaf Barndoor
L2.40960.0 Eight Leaf Barndoor
L2.80970.0 Filter Frame
L2.80975.0 Variable Snoot
? Spillring
L2.80980.0 Set of 4 Scrims (without bag)
L2.88915.1 Scrim bag
L2.75600.0* Head to ballast cable, 575/1200W, 7m, int. (VEAM), Titanex
L2.75600.C* Head to ballast cable, 575/1200W, 15m, int. (VEAM, Titanex

Lamp Type
Metal Halide HMI1800/SE G38
Weight 10kg
Reflector Parabol reflector made of high purity aluminium
Mounting 28mm (1 1/8”)
Protection Class IP23
Certification NRTL-US-C, CE, TÜV GS, CB
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